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    Knowledge and expertise is the base of all our decisions.

  • Care

    Care is the most important need of everyone.

    Our Patients, Partners, and Employees can count on our care all the time.

  • Experience

    We value and share all gained experience.

  • Partner Cards

    Buy safety for your loved ones or colleagues!

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Commitment, hard work and experience of more than a decade made Swiss Medical Services from a Family Doctor praxis to one of the leading private health care providers of Hungary. Our countywide network, Health Centres in Budapest and committed and experienced professionals provide health services to our more than 100.000 occupational health and 6000 private patients.

Your health is in good hands with us!


Our highly educated and motivated English speaking doctors are committed to healing; they constantly develop their skills and procedures. Our elaborated protocols are based on international experience. We lay a great emphasis on prevention, thorough examinations and close control.

Diagnosis is not enough for us. We don’t let go of your hand!



We offer you the safety of the always reachable medical assistance through our Partner Card System. By the Cooperation of Family Doctors, Specialists and Professionals of our partner hospitals we provide overall outpatient and inpatient care for adults and children. Our doctors on duty answer your calls 24 hours a day.

We have a solution for every medical problem!

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