Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Emergency Medical Service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our Hotline number: +36 30 992 0387
Our doctors on duty are available all day via our Hotline number. Our English speaking colleagues will take your call and provide you with all the proper information and if necessary visit you at your home or desired address.

Our emergency doctor arrives to the site within 1 hour. If necessary we will call OMSZ (National Ambulance Service) to ensure the best assistance and care. When transportation and hospitalization of the patient is necessary we will organize the appropriate care at our partner clinics and hospitals, with priority level care for patients of Swiss Emergency Services.


Prices of Emergency Services

  • Total price of our service for adults in Budapest - 45 000 HUF
  • Total price of our service for adults vicinity of Budapest - 45 000 HUF + 100 HUF/ km
  • Prescriptions in Budapest - 24 000 HUF
  • Prescriptions vicinity of Budapest - 24 000 HUF + 100 HUF/ km


Our price list does not contain all our services. Final prices of some of the services  may change due to the additional examinations or treatments needed. You can get more information about the prices and services from our Call Center.

Customer Service:
Phone: +36 1 225 0566
E-mail: info@swissclinic.hu