Comfortable and trusting relationship with the gynecologist benefits the woman patient all along her life,  as it increases opportunities for  preventive care and early interventions.  

Our gynecologists are highly professional specialists with compassionate attitude. Due to our flexible appointment scheduling  system we can offer  up to 50% more time for appointment, in case of more complex condition should be discussed. We offer the full spectrum of women’s  health care services including reproductive health, yearly check-ups, prenatal care and obstetrics.  We treat menstruation problems, metrorrhagia (irregular uterine bleeding), menarche and hormonal problems. We treat gynecological cancer patients in cooperation with our oncologist.


  • Gynaecology visit with ultrasound and cytology: 26 000 HUF
  • Gynaecology visit: 20 000 HUF
  • Gynaecology control visit: 16 000 HUF
  • Gynaecology CTG: 8 000 HUF
  • Gynaecology folliculometry: 16 000 HUF
  • NIFTY-test for pregnant women: 185 000 HUF


Our price list does not contain all our services. Final prices of some of the services  may change due to the additional examinations or treatments needed. You can get more information about the prices and services from our Call Center.

Customer Service:
Phone: +36 1 225 0566

NIFTY-test for pregnant women
NIFTY™ is non-invasive test and therefore poses no risk to the mother or baby. Using the latest genetic sequencing technology, NIFTY has over 99% accuracy for the three most common trisomy conditions present at birth which are Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Patau Syndrome. The test is performed from a small, 10 ml maternal blood sample and recommended between the 10-18th week of pregnancy.

The NIFTY™ test is available to any pregnant woman from the 10th week of pregnancy but is particularly suitable for pregnant women who exhibit certain indications which are highlighted below.

  • 2222 Maternal age 35 years or older at delivery
  • 2222 Fetal ultrasonographic findings indicating an increased risk of aneuploidy
  • 2222 Require reassurance following previous screening result
  • 2222 Contraindications for invasive prenatal testing, such as placenta prevaria, risk of miscarriage or HBV infection
  • 2222 History of a prior pregnancy with a trisomy
  • 2222 Received IVF Treatment or have previously suffered from habitual abortion

Swiss Prémium Medical Center BUDA

Swiss Prémium Medical Center PEST


Swiss Prémium Medical Center BUDA
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Swiss Prémium Medical Center PEST
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Parking: Entrance to the underground parking garage from Istenhegyi street and from Németvölgyi street. Designated parking spots for the clients of SWISS PRÉMIUM Medical Center.

Access by public transportation:

Tram No. 61, 17 – Nagyenyed utca stop (1 min)
Metro line No. 2 - Déli Pályaudvar (4 mins)
Tram No. 59 - Kék Golyó utca stop (1 min)


Parking: We recommend the parking lot of the Westend Mall, where the parking is free of charge every day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Access by public transportation:

Metro line No. 3  - Lehel tér stop (4 mins walking), Nyugati Pályaudvar stop (7 mins walking)
Tram No. 4, 6 – Nyugati tér stop (7 mins walking)
Trolley No. 76 - Csanády utca stop (2 mins walking)