Worldwide more than 1 million cases of breast cancer is diagnosed annually, despite the fact that every woman over the age of 40 is recommended to undergo a mammogram screening once in every two years. At Swiss Prémium Medical Center the radiologists of our partner Budai Radiológiai Centrum are using GE tomosythesis mammogram to achieve the most accurate image of the breasts. One of the most modern low dose radiation mammogram technology in the country, secure high accuracy in breast screening.

Only 60% of the malignant lesions are detected when using only ultrasound examination for the screening of breasts. The accuracy of mammogram is 80% and once both devices are used together, we achieve 92-93% of clinical accuracy.


Appointment request and information: +36 1 225 0566
Address: Swiss Prémium Egészségközpont, 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed u. 8-14.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 AM - 8 PM



Complex examination of the breasts (ultrasound examination of the breasts and lymph nodes and the physical examination): 26 000 HUF
Breast cyst aspiration (first occasion with histology): 26 000 HUF
Any further breast cyst aspiration: 10 000 HUF/ occasion
Additional images: 3 600 HUF/ image



Parking: Entrance to the underground parking garage from Istenhegyi street and from Németvölgyi street. Designated parking spots for the clients of SWISS PRÉMIUM Medical Center.

Access by public transportation:

Tram No. 61; 17  – Nagyenyed utca megálló (1 min)
Metro line No. 2 - Déli Pályaudvar (4 min)
Tram No. 59 - Kék Golyó utca (1 min)