Surgery, proctology

Surgery, proctology

Surgery, proctology

Small surgeries that do not require diverse medical examinations, complicated equipment or hospital background can be performed as an ambulatory surgery at our clinic.

Ambulatory surgery can be performed either as a treatment or diagnostic procedure. It is not compulsory, but recommended, to examine the general medical condition of the patient before the ambulatory surgery, taking into consideration the symptoms and nature of  complaints, even if the surgery was performed under local anaesthesia. After some time of rest and monitoring the patient may go home unaccompanied.

In Swiss Prémium Medical Center we can treat painful rectum, bleeding or inflammated hemorrhoids, fistula and fissure. We can perform anoscopy, rectoscopy, hemorrhoid ligation, thrombectomy and lesion treatment by laser, freezing or ligation in out-patient practice. We are in close cooperation with Semmelweis University Clinic of Transplantations to treat cancer patients. In many cases we can preserve the colon and avoid the solution of an external colostomy bag.


  • Surgery consultation: 22 500 HUF
  • Surgery control consultation: 11 500 HUF
  • Proctology examination: 22 500 HUF
  • Proctology control examination: 11 500 HUF
  • Rectoscopy (after proctology examination): 25 000 HUF
  • Biopsy: 10 000 HUF
  • Hemorrhoid ligation (does not include a consultation fee): 10 000 HUF
  • Doppler ultrasound test (does not include a consultation fee): 6 250 HUF
  • Small surgery at the clinic until 1 lesion (e.g. mole, abscess, ingrown toenail): 33 000 HUF
  • Small surgery at the clinic above 1 lesion: 6 000 HUF/ piece
  • Sclerotherapy with injection (does not include a consultation fee): 6 000 HUF/ injection
  • Suture removal: 9 000 HUF
  • Histological sampling: 9 380 HUF/ sample


Our price list does not contain all our services. Final prices of some of the services  may change due to the additional examinations or treatments needed. You can get more information about the prices and services from our Call Center.

Customer Service:
Phone: +36 1 225 0566

Swiss Prémium Medical Center BUDA

Swiss Prémium Medical Center PEST


Swiss Prémium Medical Center BUDA
H-1123 Budapest, 8-14 Nagyenyed utca 

Appointments: +36 1 225 0566
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM



Swiss Prémium Medical Center PEST
H-1132 Budapest, 30 Váci út

Appointments: +36 1 225 0566
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM



Parking: Entrance to the underground parking garage from Istenhegyi street and from Németvölgyi street. Designated parking spots for the clients of SWISS PRÉMIUM Medical Center.

Access by public transportation:

Tram No. 61, 17 – Nagyenyed utca stop (1 min)
Metro line No. 2 - Déli Pályaudvar (4 mins)
Tram No. 59 - Kék Golyó utca stop (1 min)


Parking: We recommend the parking lot of the Westend Mall, where the parking is free of charge every day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Access by public transportation:

Metro line No. 3  - Lehel tér stop (4 mins walking), Nyugati Pályaudvar stop (7 mins walking)
Tram No. 4, 6 – Nyugati tér stop (7 mins walking)
Trolley No. 76 - Csanády utca stop (2 mins walking)