Emergency Medical Service

To reach us, please call our Emergency Hotline: +36-30-992-0387

Swiss Clinic offers emergency care – house visits in Budapest and the vicinity (up to 20 km from Budapest) by multilingual doctors. This service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our emergency team was established in 2009. Currently 8 doctors are visiting patients at their homes, also visit them in hotels or in offices. Swiss Clinic emergency team has contributed on taking care of thousands of cases during the previous years. We have replaced lost insulin pumps, purchased rare, foreign medicine, given on-site infusion therapy or taken the patient to the best available hospital, we have performed many other complicated services to our clients.

At present there is a growing demand for high quality, urgent medical care performed by English speaking doctors. This is primarily a need amongst the foreigners living in or visiting Budapest. Swiss Clinic doctors are fully licensed, recognized and responsible specialists with checked background. And they work for Swiss Clinic solely which is one of Hungary’s largest medical services companies.

All our doctors speak fluent English, some of them also speak German. English speaking assisting nurses and a hospitalization coordinator support the everyday work of the emergency team. The nurses escort the patients all the way through the hospitalization process. Translate for them, interpret medical procedures and help them to get admission to the right department.

If it is needed, we can schedule and organize operations, treatments in our partner hospitals, which are: Uzsoki Hospital, National Institute of Neurosurgery, National Institute of Oncology, Heart and Vascular Clinic of Semmelweis University and 1st Paediatric Clinic of Semmelweis University.

Swiss Clinic Emergency Team serves for more than 200 hotels in Budapest.

Prepared and experienced emergency doctors are waiting for your call. Our focus is your health, in any case of urgency!

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Budapest Vicinity of Budapest
Total price of our service for adults 45.000 HUF 45.000 HUF + 100 HUF/ km
Prescriptions 24.000 HUF 24.000 HUF + 100 HUF/ km