Medical Examiner And Insurer Activity

It may have happened to you or to your friend or family member that after an accident you were displeased with the medical treatment or its results. Being an aggrieved party, it is difficult to verify your claim for damages caused by the suffering and the long-term recovery. It’s even more difficult to get recompense for a not efficient enough treatment or surgery.

The registered experts of our medical team and our chief medical expert (Prof. Dr. András Sárváry) is the guarantee to make an unwrapped and objective judgement about your conditions, which can be justificatory in court too. In many cases our doctors not just recognize and describe the wrong treatment, they could offer and carry out a remedial reconstruction operation according to the patient’s desires. We help the leading insurance providers in serious incidents with our expertise over 1500 times annually. Each year we carry out the necessary intervention ourselves in a number of cases.

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