Occupational Health Care

Swiss Medical Services is one of the leading Occupational Health Care Providers in Hungary. Hungarian law* states that an employer must provide occupational health care for their employees. We provide Occupational Health Care according to  Government Regulation**. We use a standardized medical information system in our countrywide network of 138 offices. The examinations are based on elaborate protocols and  the data are stored in the central electronic database.

With our mobile screening ambulance car we can perform the examinations at any of the location points of the country. According to the needs of our customers we recommend  additional occupational health examinations,  organize company health programs, campaign screenings and vaccinations. We cooperate with our multinational partner companies in developing their international health standards.

ISO 9001:2009 standards ensure  the quality of our service.

We maintain regular contact and constant review of our processes in order to meet all the needs of our partner companies.

If you wish to request an offer or acquire  more information, please contact our colleagues!


*Hungarian Employment Act of 1993, Section no. XCIII

**no. 89/1995(VII.14.)