Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dear Clients,

Please find in the following the most frequently asked questions and their answers. In case of any further question please contact our call center at +36 1 225 0566 or

Can I get treatment without appointment?
Unfortunately, there is no way to do this, in any case, you need to arrange a time in advance via our customer service by phone.

What should I bring with me to the medical office?
At check-in, our colleagues will ask for a document with which you can verify your identity (ID card or passport, address card) and if available, the social security number (so called TAJ card) is also important.
Please bring your previous findings with you, printed on paper, if there are any.
Our customer service colleagues are happy to help you upon appointment booking, if you have any doubts about what is required for the particular examination.

Should I arrive sooner than my appointment?
We recommend you to arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than your appointment, due to the pre-administration.

Where can I park?
There is a paying parking space in our underground garage at our Swiss Premium Medical Center in Buda. Parking fee is the same as for street parking, which can be paid in cash upon departure at the barrier or at the reception with a credit card. A dedicated parking area for the medical center is indicated by labels.
We do not have our own parking lot at our Swiss Premium Medical Center in Pest, so here we can suggest street parking or the nearby park house of Westend shopping center.

I come with a bicycle, where can I store it?
At our Swiss Premium Medical Center in Buda, the bicycle storage is located in the underground garage under video surveillance.
We do not have bicycle storage at our Swiss Premium Medical Center in Pest.

Can I pay with my health fund card?
Yes. Direct payment with the card is also possible via the terminal, not just the invoicing. Please let us know upon check-in at our reception that you want to settle your invoice with a health fund card.
Here is a list of our health fund partners:

As a Premium Health Fund member, for what kind of examination can I use my 20% discount?
The discount is valid at both of our Swiss Premium Health Centers for specialist and imaging (x-ray, mammography, ultrasound) examinations, but not for management screening packages. The reason for this is that these packages are already discounted.

I have insurance, what kind of examinations does my insurer cover?
In any case, please contact your insurer first and ask what kind of examinations they cover exactly; our receptionist and call center colleagues cannot provide you with information about this. Upon check-in please inform us at the reception that the insurance will cover your treatment.
I have a Hegyvidék Card, can I get a discount?
The Hegyvidék Card available for District 12 residents entitled them to a 10% discount from the price of specialist examinations at our Swiss Premium Medical Center in Buda.  
I will have an occupational health check, what should I take with me?
In addition to the identity documents, please bring the referral you received at your workplace, because the aptitude papers are issued by our doctors on this basis. If your job requires a seal in the sanitary booklet, then please bring with you your lung screening finding not older than 1 year.
I come for vaccination, what should I take with me?
If you already have a vaccination booklet, you should bring it with you.
What should I do before abdominal ultrasound?
You should not eat 6 hours before the ultrasound scan, and it is recommended to drink only non-carbonated water. Water drinking is especially important, because the fullness of the bladder is of utmost importance in the judgment of pelvic organs. If you are diabetic, ask your doctor whether you should take your medicine before your ultrasound scan or have breakfast.
What should I do if I come to a blood test?
There are laboratory tests that take place on an empty stomach and there are some that do not justify this. Our customer service colleagues will always provide you with information on this when booking and appointment.
Do you have wheelchair access to the surgeries?
The Swiss Premium Medical Centers are accessible, but unobstructed access to all clinics within buildings is unresolved and there is no accessible bathroom. If you are using a wheelchair, please always tell this to our customer service colleagues in advance.
What do you need for the treatment of people under 18?
Under the age of 18 years, please always come with an adult attendant! Only the person at least 18 years of age may sign a declaration of consent essential for X-ray examinations, or there are specialist examinations (e.g. gynaecology) in which a person under 18 cannot participate without an adult attendant.
Can I have a coffee or eat somewhere nearby?
There is a restaurant in the vicinity of both of our Swiss Premium Medical Center in Pest and Buda (2 minutes on foot), where you can have meals and coffee.
Can I bring my dog to the medical office?
No, pets cannot be brought to our medical offices. Assistance dogs are the only exception.
Is there a Wi-Fi in the waiting room?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available free of charge at both of our Swiss Premium Medical Centers.
If I have a Platinum/ Gold/ Silver Card, which covers my current examination, do I still have to go to the reception?
Yes, it is very important that you go to the reception at the end of your treatment even if you think you don’t have to pay. Closing the care and official check-out is an important step in the process, so please never miss out.